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Norelco Razors

The Norelco products on our site deliver innovative flex and pivot actions, which ensure smooth results in even the most curved areas. Norelco Arcitec Series features a precision cutting system, triple track shaving heads and lift & cut technology. All of the listed features work together to provide you with a safe and super efficient dry shave. Other series on our site include Spectra, ReFlex Plus and Speed XL. In our trimmer section you with find products that include multiple trimmer attachments, charging stand, and clean hair collection chamber with vacuum suction. You can also find beard, ear, eye, nose and eyebrow trimmers that are perfect for on the go grooming.

Norelco lotion dispensing razors featured on our site featured release a conditioner during shaving that minimizes irritation and discomfort. A unique cooling sensation will allow those with sensitive skin to enjoy a super close shave without cuts or nicks. Battery operated models are perfect for travel, the compact design and cordless operation allow you to easily slip the razor into your toiletry bag. Our site also carries accessories that will help maintain excellent razor performance.